Content Entry and Organization, Done!

Yesterday evening I imported the last of the content from the developer’s guide from the old justCheckers site. I didn’t import any of the even older web content, since most of that was redundant and old. On one hand, I would like to show for my progress back in university. On the other hand, I don’t since I made some rather glaring mistakes back then. Back in university, I attempted to run justCheckers as a professional open source project. Of course, being new to both professional programming and project management I made some fairly easy to avoid mistakes.

For the time being, I can say that all the relevant content is in now on the site, and is properly organized. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back to developing justCheckers again. But first I want to make the site look less of a default Drupal install. Don’t get me wrong, I like Drupal default themes. However the justCheckers project has a unique style to it, and that should reflect in the look and feel of the site. I plan on using a theme based of the static theme work I did earlier.

Migrated to Launchpad

The fine folks at Launchpad have imported the justCheckers source code from SourceForge’s Subversion repository to Launchpad’s Bazaar repository. The Launchpad page for the project is at:

I’m still new to using the Bazaar version control system that Launchpad uses. In fact hosting a project on Launchpad is new for me too. Expect some turbulence until I’ve figured out how to best develop using Launchpad.

Welcome to the New justCheckers Website

Welcome to the brand new justCheckers website. The site is fresh after an install. It may take some time before all the content from the older sites is migrated over. Over the next couple weeks, the plan is to bring the project back up to full steam. This will include regular release schedules, an active development team and regular updates to the site and codebase.