Website Refresh

Amongst the various changes that I have planned for justCheckers, I have updated the website.  I hope you like the new theme, which I think is much cleaner (even if it is the default) than before.  Also I have updated the content of the website, to reflect the new changes.

Probably the most notable change is that I have taken down the Development Guide.  Many things will change with the project, as I change it into an Android app.  Many of the best practices no longer apply, now that I have transitioned over to Git.  Since at the moment I am the sole developer of justCheckers, I think it is pointless for me to keep up a Code of Conduct or Coding Style page up.  Many of the changes I will do over the next little while will be invasive, so my code will be of varying style and quality.  My many goal is to release a working version as soon as possible.

Before anyone asks: no I am not closing up the project.  The code will still remain free (as in speech).  I plan on maintaining the project indefinitely.  justCheckers is not going to disappear or suddenly become proprietary.  However I have a lot of ground I need to cover before I feel comfortable bringing on more developers.

Moving to Git

justCheckers is getting with the times and moving over to using Git as our main revision control system.

Git is a much more flexible system and I can manage contributions from the community. If I hesitated with giving out commit access, it was because there is far more trouble with dealing with merging code and dealing with radical changes in Subversion than in Git. So I am a lot more willing to reopening the project to a full team.

I will update the downloads page with instructions on how to access Git later this weekend. In the meantime, feel free to visit the justcheckers SourceForge project page for instructions on how to checkout the code in Git.