Now On Gitorious and Launchpad!

Hurrah!  The justCheckers project is now on Gitorious!  Check out our new spiffy, glorious  and currently very spartan setup there for managing and distributing our git and wiki stuff.  But wait folks there is more!*  I have also updated the Launchpad page for justCheckers, as the way to track bugs, feature requests and other project management stuff.  Not everything is up to date, but I will work on both.  I am considering a move away from Sourceforge, both as a way to simplify my life and also as a brand new start for the project.  I will setup more things on Gitorious, Launchpad and here on the project site in general…  How soon I get to everything all depends on the needs that I encounter and time I have to work on this project.

* Yes, my pay-cheque has the words “TV” on it, so I can totally get away with using TV salemen lines. 😉

And We’re Back!

After the madness of the past few months, I have a bit more free time to work on justCheckers.  Not that the fast pace of the last few months has subsided.  I just managed to catch up on other projects and free up time here and there. 🙂

The first order of business will be to clear out the old code and get a working Android version of the app.  Along the way I will add in unit tests and hopefully make it easier for other people to come out and help with the development.