Solo Coding and Android Progress

The move to using Android as a base for justCheckers is going well. I’ve already managed to setup a nice looking user interface. And the information screens work without any problems. All that remains is to build a settings screen and the game screens. This entire project is still a work in progress and so I expect many changes as the project matures.

Another thing I realized is that at the moment I do not need a team of developers to build justcheckers. At least at the moment, I can get more done without worrying about coordinating a team. I might ask for contributions at a later date, but for now I’m going to fly solo.

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One thought on “Solo Coding and Android Progress”

  1. Hi Dorian,

    This isn’t related, but my name is Paulina, I am an IT Recruiter from the Tal Group. I have a great client that is looking for Android and iPhone Developers ASAP. The company is downtown, its a 3 month contract that will turn into a permanent role if the candidate does a great job. It’s paying anywhere from $35-60 and hour, depending on how much experience the person has. I would love to give you more details. Please contact me if you are interested or know anyone that might be. I appreciate it, Thank you.

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